Preliminary schedule for conference:

All conference events, where not otherwise noted, are to be held in 203 Norman Bethune College, ‘Norman’s Lounge.’

Friday night, May 20 2011, 6-8pm:

Reception and registration, York University, Orange Snail Pub (107 Stong College)

Saturday morning, May 21 2011, 8:30-9:30 AM: Meet-up and informal discussion w/ coffee and snacks

9:15-9:30: Introduction (Conference organizers; Kenton Kroker, graduate program director for STS)

Panel 1. 9:30-10:45. 

Benjamin Mitchell (Science and Technology Studies, York University), “Somewhere Between Light and Shadow: Alfred Russel Wallace, Spirit Photography and the Trial of Henry Slade”

Mitchell Akiyama (Communications, McGill University), “Capturing the Animal: Biological Sound Recording, Playback Experiments, and the Study of Non-Human Language”

Peter Hobbs (Environmental Studies, York University), “Crittercams: Animal Technologies of Infolding”

Panel 2. 10:45am-12:00pm.

Meaghan Brierley (Communication Studies, University of Calgary), “Vying for visual voice: Transforming illustration practices in science and medicine”

Trevor Cunnington (Communication and Culture, York University/Ryerson University), “A short history of the lens: The Impact of Glass on the development of science and regimes of vision”

Julia Gruson-Wood (Science and Technology Studies, York University), “The Epidermis of Apparatus: Biotechnological Cuts”

Lunch: 12:00-1:00 pm

Panel 3. 1:00-2:15.

Petra Hroch (Sociology, University of Alberta), “The Agential Realist Apparatus and New Materialist Feminist Methodological ‘Machinic Assemblages'”

Martha Kenney (University of California, Santa Cruz), “Re-Imagining Research Apparatuses” (collaborative presentation, part 1)

Ruth Mueller (University of Vienna), “Re-Imagining Research Apparatuses” (collaborative presentation, part 2)

Panel 4. 2:15-3:30.

Kelly Ladd (Science and Technology Studies, York University), Robot ‘skins’ and embodiment

Stella Palikarova (iSchool, University of Toronto), “Brain-Machine Interface Technologies and Social Power: Towards a Sociomedical Model of Disability”

Erik Bigras (Science and Technology Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), “Playing with Asthma: Embodiment and Care Through Digital Practices”

Coffee break. 3:30-3:45.

Panel 5. 3:45-5:00. 

Gabby Resch (Faculty of Information, University of Toronto), “Apparatus as Canvas: Semiotics of the Nuclear Blast Door”

Chad Andrews (Cultural Studies, Trent University), “Technocultural Hegemony: Military Fantasy and Technological Instrumentalism in 1980s American Discourse”

Ali McMillan (Science and Technology Studies, York University), “Cybernetics as Apparatus and Assemblage”

Keynote lecture. 5:00-6:00pm: Dr. Jeffrey Bussolini

Reception, 7:00-9:00pm:
1077 Saint Clair Avenue West, Toronto, ON

Sunday, May 22
Panel 6.  10:00-10:45am.

Miloš Vasić (Sociology, York University), “The Dispositifs of Automobile Transactions: Observations from Research in Progress”
Lee McGuigan (Media Studies, University of Western Ontario), “Modeling Consumers/Teaching Consumption: T-commerce as Information Feedback System and Socializing Tool”

Panel 7. 10:45-11:30.

Brian Fuller (York University), “Situating the Apparatus”

Cameron Murray (Science and Technology Studies, York University), “Biomedical ‘Parts Catalogues’: Novel Metaphors as Apparatuses in Post-genomic Bioinformatics”

Wrap-up session, 11:30pm-12:00.

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