Schedule has been posted

Hi everyone, the preliminary conference schedule has been posted. There may be some minor revisions, time-wise, in our final schedule, but the broad outlines will remain the same. Each presenter will be allotted roughly 15-20 minutes for their paper presentation, with 5-10 minutes for discussion, at the presenter’s discretion – for a total of 25 minutes per presenter.

Our conference room can accommodate laptops for Powerpoint presentations, however if at all possible it is preferable that you bring your presentation file on a USB drive and use Powerpoint on the room’s built-in PC.

I’m in process of formatting all of the abstracts for posting now, these will be added shortly!

We haven’t booked a block of rooms or anything at local hotels – we assume that some of you may be finding accommodations with friends in the city, and if you prefer to stay in downtown Toronto we find generally booking through sites like Hotwire will get you better deals than the ‘group rates’ typically negotiated for conferences. There are also very affordable residence rooms available on campus through York University housing services: for information on these rooms, which are available as low as $30 per night without housekeeping service, click here. Let us know if you need any more information right away on travel or lodgings; further details on getting to York and around campus will be provided with the final program. York is readily accessible by public transit, especially from Porter Airlines’ City Centre Airport or the train/bus terminals, but somewhat less readily from Pearson Airport.

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